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 Forum Guidelines

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Forum Guidelines  Empty
PostSubject: Forum Guidelines    Forum Guidelines  EmptyMon May 16, 2011 4:26 pm

Forum Guidelines
The forum guidelines, these are more like rules then guidelines though.

What is allowed:
•Posting appropriate comments/questions in relevant forums
•Posting opinions in a nice and respectful manner
•Posting new topics in relevant forums with an appropriate, descriptive title
•Reporting inappropriate posts.
•Minor cursing, or "swearing".
•Editing or deleting your own posts (it's encouraged!)
•Suggestions that can improve the forum.
•Posting on a RP topic at least four times a week.

What is not allowed:
•Double Posting+
•Speaking In "chat" language (Example:catz)
•Backseat Moderating ( You can get a warning for doing so.)
•Inappropriate images/videos/music.
•Making dramatic posts to gain attention or pity
•Useless topics/posts (except in the Off Topic topic.)
•Not posting/very little posting on the RP topics.
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Forum Guidelines
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