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 Scent Rolling

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PostSubject: Scent Rolling   Scent Rolling EmptyFri May 20, 2011 9:38 pm

Scent rolling is the act of pressing the body against a strong-smelling object or scent. This behavior usually begins with the wolf pushing a cheek against the object, and then sliding on it until the side of the chest has cleared the object. The wolf will likely stand and repeat the process several times on each side of the body.

Wolves commonly perform this behavior with any strong or unique-smelling object within their territory, such as a smelly carcass (food), urine or feces from another animal outside the pack, or any other pungent odor encountered that is not a regular scent within their territory.

Why? The answer is simple; olfactory camouflage. Wolves are essentially transferring the scent of the different odor to their bodies so when hunting their prey may not smell wolf, rather the benign rolled-upon scent, when in close proximity of the hunting pack. This camouflage has obvious benefits for hunting wolves, as they may be able to gain closer access to their prey. Another theory of scent rolling is to transfer the scent of the rolling wolf onto the object chosen, thus "marking" it as an item within their territory. Gray wolves likely utilize both of these advantages as a motivation to perform scent rolling.
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Scent Rolling
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