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 The Jaw Punch

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PostSubject: The Jaw Punch   The Jaw Punch EmptyFri May 20, 2011 9:47 pm

A jaw punch occurs when a wolf pushes on a suspected food item with their nose prior to the initial bite of feeding. Immediately after a jaw punch is performed, the participating wolf jumps back away from the food item. Essentially a misnomer because the nose usually strikes the object rather than the jaw, the push is meant to confirm the food item is dead prior to consuming.

Contrary to some large cats and bears, wolves typically kill their prey prior to beginning to eat the animal. A jaw punch likely evolved to ensure the downed prey animal was truly dead and not faking death or still able to defend itself. All prey animals will fight when their life is in jeopardy and the kick of a large prey animal can severely injure or even kill a wolf. So a jaw punch would solicit a reaction from the injured prey and allow the wolves to either wait for the prey to perish or inflict further damage to speed death. This behavior increases the safety of wolves during the very dangerous occupation of living through hunting and killing large prey.

A jaw punch may also occur when a wolf investigates a novel item. Wolves are very curious and will approach new objects in their environment. After a thorough smelling and distant visual exam of the new item, investigating wolves may eventually approach the item and perform a jaw punch. Then if the item does not move an investigative bite of the item could be next. Once the item is identified as an inanimate object, the investigating wolves will probably urinate on it to claim it as part of their territory.
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The Jaw Punch
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